My everyday makeup look for work

Hi readers, Today I will be sharing my everyday makeup look with you guys. It’s the look I wear for work, so it’s very clean looking and professional. That’s necessary because if you work for a brand like Longchamp, you need to take care of your appearance of course. What I consider most important in […]

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Mijn weekoverzicht

Hallo lezertjes! Ik heb een bewogen weekje achter de rug. Allereerst wil ik jullie vertellen over mijn laatste thrift shop experience, waarbij ik een aantal vondsten voor een tientje op de kop heb getikt. Verder nog enkele new buys, outfits én een kleine sneak peek van het concert van Depeche Mode gisteren dat ik heb […]

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Barbie Makeup Tutorial (VLOG)

This weekend I’ve been working on another vlog, this time a Barbie makeup tutorial. Perfect for a ladies night out, or just for fun when you’re feeling girly. Of course, pink smokey eyes and lipstick are included – pink and glitter all the way. I hope you can all enjoy the video, and please leave a comment […]

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Everyday Makeup Tutorial (VLOG)

Hello lovelies, Today I’ve worked on another vlog, it’s been quite some time since I’ve published an update on my YouTube channel.  It’s an everyday makeup tutorial, the ultimate basics concerning your makeup look on a daily basis. You don’t need much products, like I said this is for the office or for school and […]

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